Romeo & Juliet ending summary

When we were watching the end of the movie, I felt really annoyed because if Romeo had waited like a few more seconds they (Romeo and Juliet) both would’ve lived. And there are so many moments when I thought, oh damn he could’ve just talked for a bit longer, or really the letter is right there just pick it up.  I didn’t find it that sad really, I think that was because it was very over the top, and things like banishing don’t really happen if at all in New Zealand.


” Well, we were born to die ” – Capulet, A3, S4, L4

Capulet is talking to Paris about the death of Tybalt while Juliet is up at her room. Capulet thinks that Juliet is very upset about Tybalt’s death so he is kind of reassuring not just Paris, but himself. I think he is meaning ‘Well we are all going to die eventually.’ It is also like saying that everything that has a start will have an end, which can refer to romeo and juliet’s happiness coming to an end which is also death.

An interesting word was born because that could mean being born or the start/beginning to something.


“Is love an invention created by humans?”

I don’t think love is created by humans. Love is a name humans give the feeling but love itself could be in other animals nature or instinct. Do we know this though? I’m not sure, but I think that other animals do “love”. Like a dog for example. When you come home from school and your dog comes running up to you wagging its tail, I think it is happy to see you. And if it is happy to see you the dog must like you so is that love?

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